Friday, November 14, 2008

Relationships, or is it Relationshits?

Oh relationships! You feel lucky when you're in one but you also have those crappy points when you fight or just don't like each other anymore. I see a couples who have broken up who should be together and stay together, but there are also those couples who I see together who should just end their relationship. I like to see opposites attract, but not TOO opposite. I do admit that I am secretly jealous of those couples who are just too adorable and make me want to puke . . . hey, everyone deserves a happy ending. I also see couples who are dealing with the long distance thing and I think that it's awesome that they are keeping their relationships strong. But I knew this one girl who lived about three or so hours away from home and was homesick 24/7. She was homesick enough to have her boyfriend drive up to visit her almost every single weekend or she would drive home to see him. When a boyfriend interferes with your college life like that, I say end it. I mean come on, he's only three hours away and you can call him and he will most likely answer the phone when he sees that it's you that's calling him. But all I'm trying to get out is that some people should be in a relationship or they are in a relationshit.


PS: The construction for the new Native American Building has started. I hate construction and especially for this building. I have nothing against Native Americans, but they already have a building (well kind of it's a house) and the building is taking away most of the Oval (which is full on bullshit). If they build a Native American building, where is the Peruvian Building or Caucasian Building or African-American building? Just thought that I would ask.