Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh so the busy week comes to an end. . . finally.

This week has been hell! Too many things due and so much to still work on. I have a Research paper for English due on Monday and it has to be 2,000 to 3,000 words and I only have a little over 1,500 words. So stressful! I don't like have to research, but it is nice to learn something new about the topic that I'm working on. I also had a Photojournalism assignment, that was overly stressful, due that I was VERY nervous about. But I have also had two pretty decent grades on the last two assignments that I turned it, thank goodness. I also had a History test last Friday (okay), an Economics test (God kill me now) last Friday as well, and I also had a Physical Geography test (blah) this Wednesday. I hate tests and they always screw over my grade. I'm only good with assignments and extra credit things, not test. Why can't college be easy for once in my life?
There is also a football game this weekend. It's UM vs. ISU and I am hoping that UM can crush ISU, even though ISU is 0-6 in the Big Sky Conference and 0-10 overall. I'm really excited to go to another game with Lacey, I think that it's her third game for her entire college career, and we're meeting up with Kelsey and a few of her friends as well. I am really excite. Oh! Kelsey also wants to get Cat/Griz tickets at NINE IN THE MORNING!!! Tickets go on sale at six that evening and she wants to get in line early so that we can insure that we get tickets. Wow, a lot of stuff has happened this week. Oh joy! Well, I think that all of this is enough for one day.