Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wow, a long time has past!

Hello everyone! I haven't written a new blog in almost five months! Lots has happened since March, especially school and living situations. I was planning on living with this girl I've known since freshmen year for this summer and the academic year, well things didn't work out as planned (she was anal about everything) so she moved out and my friend Kelsey moved in . . . well, temporarily. Kelsey was kicked out of her old apartment by her dick of an ex-fiance Ty. So she packed everything into her car, my car, and my storage unit. About a week or so after she was staying with me we got into a car accident that involved five other cars. Her car is totaled and now the rest of her stuff is in my car. Car accidents suck! I'm still a little nervous driving my car around but I hope that everything will be okay. I'm going to visit my parents sometime next week since I haven't been home since mid-May. Kelsey is staying with me until she can find a new apartment, it's really nice to have someone else staying here other than myself, but I am then moving around August 21st into the apartment across from me with my new friend Sean. He's really cool and super nice. He saw and heard about the problems that I had with my last roommate so we have talked things out about different apartment things. I've been working at the Food Zoo for the remainder of the summer and will continue working through Fall semester; I will also be working at the Country Store. A total of 15 hours a week, woot! Not much else has happened other than me getting a new number and a new apartment-mate. Now I'm signing out!