Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Yay! Summer weather is now here, at least in Pocatello! Summer has been quite fun so far! A wedding and some World Cup action were the main ingredients for the fun. I watched as the U.S. (my number one team) lost to Ghana, I was sad that we didn't continue on but I don't know many people in the US that are soccer fans. My friends, Omar and Victor, had their commitment ceremony this past weekend. Their wedding was amazing and so gorgeous! Also, my mom FINALLY got my room repainted after eight years of waiting. We are also getting a bigger bed for my room.
Now, in World Cup news I am watching the semi-final game between Germany and Spain. Go Germany!!! Unfortunately Thomas Mueller is not playing today, since he received two consecutive yellow cards, which is not helping Germany against Spain who just scored a goal after 73 minutes. I'm hoping that Germany can perform a miracle and pull ahead to win the semi-final! The game doesn't look to good for Spain as of this moment. All I know is that Germany worked hard and played hard; also, if the ref would have called penalties on Spain they might not have scored. Time for me to go back to watch the game! Enjoy the summer!