Monday, January 19, 2009

Second Semester!

Welcome everyone! This is my first blog in the new year. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a safe New Years. January 26, 2009 means the start of a new semester for everyone who is attending the University of Montana and I will say that I am SO pumped for this semester. I am ready for the new classes that I'm taking, working 13 hours at the Cascade Country Store, and spending more time with my friends (especially when I go see "Wicked" with Katie and Amber.) I have been ready to go back to Missoula about a week after Christmas. I have missed everyone and I am really happy that I will be back in three days. And just a tip for all of those students who are going to buy their school books soon, double (possibly triple) check the section of the class that you're taking so that you buy the correct books instead of buying books that aren't need. Have a great rest of the week!