Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A few more weeks!

Wow, it has been some time since I wrote an entry. I've been so busy enjoying my summer with family and friends that I keep forgetting to write. Well, not much has happened. My intentions were to stay for two weeks back home to visit family, but I ended up staying three weeks. It was a great time! I hung out with my best friend from high school and then I was also able to see my best friend for life after he got done with his rafting trip. I have a lot of new clothes and some new books, which I love equally of course! When I got back to Missoula, it was nice to be home but I wasn't ready for the reality of school starting soon. Only 19 days left of freedom before school starts, yay! The weeks that I've been back in Missoula have been rather dull. But I kicked off this week by going to karaoke, me watching and Meaghan singing, and drinking for the first time in a month. My body was not use to alcohol, no hangover luckily but if I was to get hungover from two drinks I would be disappointed in myself. I might go to the fair this week, since I haven't been to one for four years, but I am also excited for this Thursday! My friend Bree and her girlfriend Megan are coming down to look at apartments, coincidentally they will be here for Dead Hipster as well. Then on Friday my bestie might be driving through, and we might go out dancing that night. Then Saturday is when one of my co-workers/friends moves into the apartment on the floor beneath me and we will go downtown to celebrate her birthday. It will be fun! I was lucky enough to be given the option to start work on August 25-August 27. I'm very happy about that! Well, food is calling my name! Have a great day blog world!