Friday, April 16, 2010

Four-Day weekend with no motivation.

Hello world! It has been a lovely four-day weekend in Missoula (well for some college students), but some reason I have not found motivation to write my two Lit essays (one six page and one four page). I have intro paragraphs for both, but I just can't find the motivation to finish them off. I took the extensions for both, but I know that I will be very busy the next week to get them done. I guess that wishing for school to become easier was no help! So far this four day weekend has been treating me well. I've gotten some well deserved sleep along with my interview with my Italian professor over with. I stumbled over every word during that interview! Hopefully today I will be able to hangout with one of my good friends and then this weekend MOVIES!!! I will continue to write a little each day until each essay is at the correct page length (having the extensions for both will hopefully help with this). Maybe I will spend today reading some of the new books that my dad got me during my Spring Break. Perhaps I will read "The Last Song" and then watch the movie AND then critic how crappy Miley's acting is. Have a good day/weekend! Enjoy the gorgeous weather!