Sunday, April 4, 2010

Starting up again . . .

Well Spring Break is coming to an end, which means that I need to make the last couple months of school extraordinary! I also want others to do the same! Live life to the fullest and focus on what's important in life (this hopefully includes school for some of you). Spring Break was fun, I wasn't able to hangout with most of my friends since they all had school (their Spring Break was the week before). While I spent most of my Spring Break sleeping, being on Facebook (I think I might be addicted :P), watching movies my mom, and eating a ton of yummy food I am now realizing that I am back in the real world. Classes start up again tomorrow and I feel unprepared for them, especially Italian and Creative Writing. I just hope that life might be a little bit easier, but I can't predict the future so I'm blind. Also, my two good friends that live in my mom's basement are getting married this summer! I am so excited! I actually bought a dress for the first time in five years! I will be taking Summer Session, but that will only last until June 25 which means I'm free to hangout with my friends back in Pocatello for (possibly) the remainder of the summer. I was able to hangout with my friend Meaghan on the Friday that I got back and we watched "Aladdin"; it was AMAZING! I also watched "Sherlock Holmes" with my friend Dawson at his dorm on campus; this was also fun! Saturday was spent hanging out with my awesome roomie and we started to watch the second season of "Bones" (thank you Heather for letting me borrow "Bones"); later that night I played Apples to Apples with my good friend Danielle, her roommate Sarah, and our mutual friend Scott. It was so much fun and the longest game of Apples to Apples that I have ever played! Today is Sunday and also Easter, meaning that I have a few hours to work my butt off and do homework! Enjoy the remaining of your weekend blog world!