Friday, June 25, 2010


Hello world! Summer session is officially over!!! I would be driving back to Pocatello at the moment, but I made a spur of the moment decision to drive the entire 5.5 hours home. I got in around 11 last night and woke up around 6 this morning to workout. I didn't do weights or anything, I just walked/ran. It was so nice today! This morning was amazing, so crisp and lovely. I keep forgetting that the residents of Pocatello are so nice! As I was running and/or walking I had probably three people say "Good morning" to me. It was really nice! I finished my two finals (class and lab) yesterday afternoon around 4 and drove home around 5:30. It was a long drive, but the two Red Bulls helped. I got my new ID this morning, now it proves that I'm 21 no more "Under 21" banner on the picture. I will say that the photo looks quite nice, it's pretty! My friend Maggie and I are going out on the town tonight, I am so ready! Hopefully Pocatello has some sort of bar scene, but I guess I'll see. Anything to help me relax after those finals! Now time to go grocery shopping with my dad, he's such a funny man! Have a great summer day world!